The Swede-ist Thing

Hello one and all. Or should that be ‘hallå’ as the Swedish say, because this entry is all about our wonderful Ikea-inventing, meatball-eating friends (nothing like a good old stereotype to set the tone). Last weekend, my lovely boyfriend (and one of several of my food-enjoying partners) whisked me away on a surprise weekend to StockholmContinue reading “The Swede-ist Thing”

Pincho- The Inspiration.

As well as vast encouragement to start my blog from family (shout-out to Matt and Sarah), what also made me finally set one up was a restaurant I went to in Twickenham with friends last week. Pincho, situated at the end of a charming cobbled street lined with quaint eateries from all corners of theContinue reading “Pincho- The Inspiration.”