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Good Food Show 2014

Hello! Now, don’t get confused, as I know I said I would be writing another Rome-inspired post and I will, I promise, but today’s post is all about the BBC Good Food Show I attended at Kensington Olympia on Saturday. It was my first time at the event (ridiculous for someone that loves all things foodie) and it was absolutely fantastic. 180 stalls selling everything from aloe vera drinks to konjac flour products (more on that later), there was so much to see and write about, and certainly not enough time. As well as vendors selling their wares, there was also opportunity to meet and chat with the likes of Michel Roux Jr. and Tom Kerridge. I was fortunate enough to watch Tom’s demonstration and meet him briefly afterwards, the highlight of my day for sure. The recipes he did in his demonstration (discussed in a mo) are all in the most recent issue of Good Food, if any of you are feeling inspired (which I hope you are).


So, here are a few things which really stood out for me this weekend:

Konjac Flour: A new gluten free, sugar free ingredient which is used by Eat Water to produce the ‘Slim’ range of pasta and rice. Lower in calories than its ordinary counterparts, there are ready-meals with ‘healthier’ (low-cal, low-fat) sauces about to hit shelves in the next few weeks and the microwavable rice and pasta is already available. I tried some of the rice and it confused my mouth slightly; wetter than ordinary rice (due to the lack of starch) it reminded me of orzo pasta but with a slightly synthetic aftertaste. It remains to be seen whether it fills you up as I only had a small taster, but in this health-conscious society it certainly has potential. To find out more check out

Rebel Kitchen Mylk: if you try one thing from this blog (although you should obviously take my advice on everything) you must try the Mylk range by Rebel Kitchen. The London-based company aim to provide tasty, dairy-free, all-natural drinks and boy do they deliver. The Mylks are made with a small percentage of coconut milk, mixed with spring water, raw cacao and date nectar (as a refined sugar-replacement), which produces a sweet and creamy, yet light ‘milk’shake which isn’t packed full of fat and calories. They do small 200ml cartons (perfect as a lunchbox treat) and 330ml cartons and their flavours range from chocolate, banana and chai to green tea (my favourite is the chocolate, with banana and chai a close second and third). Available in Tesco, Waitrose and Whole Foods, they were the revelation of the day. Find out more here:


Aduna’s Baobab Powder: Another revelation. The baobab fruit, which looks like a longer coconut, has a chalky interior and is dried and made into a powder which tastes exactly like sherbert. But this is no naughty treat; baobab contains more antioxidants than any other fruit as well as almost 50% fibre and is rich in vitamin C. Use it in health-food bars as a sugar-substitute with dates, figs and nuts or make into a warming drink which cleanses from the inside-out. Whatever way you try it, try it nonetheless. For more on this superfruit, visit:

Good Food Show 2014

Finally, a little bit about Tom. He prepared a three-course meal during his 45-minute demonstration, comprising of: Lobster Benedict, pot-roast partridge with onions, celery, potatoes and lardons and a whisky set-custard with toasted oats and Earl Grey sorbet. Unfortunately, we did not get to try the dishes, but they emphasised how easy it is to cook a three-course meal which delivers on flavour when you’re short on time. He also talked about his 2-Michelin star pub The Hand and Flowers in Marlow (which I WILL go to one day, when I can get a table!) and a new no-booking eatery, The Coach, opening just down the road from H&F a week on Saturday, which will hopefully be much easier to visit!

IMG_3802   IMG_3804

So there we have it, a little bit about my findings at this weekend’s foodie festivities. I hope it has inspired you to check out these new products and go along to next year’s one! If you can’t wait that long (and I certainly can’t) why not visit the Christmas Ideal Home Show THIS weekend at Earls Court ( or the Foodies Festival next weekend ( Failing that, tune in next time for more musings and munchings! Much love from me and my mate Tom.


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