Dinner with a Nice view: Calade

With its extensive views of the French Riviera, Calade restaurant on top of the Radisson Blu Nice is truly breathtaking. We were fortunate enough to stay at this beautiful hotel, situated right on the beach with views of the azure Mediterranean sea. Naturally, we had heard about the restaurant at the hotel and thought weContinue reading “Dinner with a Nice view: Calade”

My Top 5: Lyon Food Market

Continuing the French series, today I am going to revisit my trip to Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse, which is essentially one of the biggest, covered food markets in Lyon. I am equally ashamed and proud to admit that I had only heard of the term ‘les halles’ for food markets from the French pavilion inContinue reading “My Top 5: Lyon Food Market”

A Short Stay in Epernay

It’s been a weird time. We all know this, so I’m going to keep this site free of any C-word (careful…) business, because let’s be honest you didn’t click on a food blog to be reminded of the 21st century version of the plague. So we’ll leave all that stuff there and I’ll just sayContinue reading “A Short Stay in Epernay”