French fun with friends

Hello all! Back again after a week off last week. Work is stepping up, which is nice as it feels almost ‘normal’, but it means weekends are sacred once more! That being said, I thought I’d do a post on the food I prepared a few weekends back for our lovely friends who joined usContinue reading “French fun with friends”

The Spice Diaries

Last year, Matt and I had a wonderful holiday in Devon, frequenting all the lovely places I visited on many a family holiday. One place that was new to us, however, was The South Devon Chilli Farm (Website here). This independent, relatively small business is a fantastic, and free, daytime activity. There is a mapContinue reading “The Spice Diaries”

21 Boulevard – Beaune

The last in our French series, but by no means least, is a round up of the delightful dishes we sampled on our last night in Beaune. Beaune is a beautifully quaint town in the Burgundy region, known for the copious amounts of wine it produces as well as beautiful architecture, including an impressive Cathedral.Continue reading “21 Boulevard – Beaune”