21 Boulevard – Beaune

The last in our French series, but by no means least, is a round up of the delightful dishes we sampled on our last night in Beaune. Beaune is a beautifully quaint town in the Burgundy region, known for the copious amounts of wine it produces as well as beautiful architecture, including an impressive Cathedral.Continue reading “21 Boulevard – Beaune”

Dinner with a Nice view: Calade

With its extensive views of the French Riviera, Calade restaurant on top of the Radisson Blu Nice is truly breathtaking. We were fortunate enough to stay at this beautiful hotel, situated right on the beach with views of the azure Mediterranean sea. Naturally, we had heard about the restaurant at the hotel and thought weContinue reading “Dinner with a Nice view: Calade”

My Top 5: Lyon Food Market

Continuing the French series, today I am going to revisit my trip to Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse, which is essentially one of the biggest, covered food markets in Lyon. I am equally ashamed and proud to admit that I had only heard of the term ‘les halles’ for food markets from the French pavilion inContinue reading “My Top 5: Lyon Food Market”

A Short Stay in Epernay

It’s been a weird time. We all know this, so I’m going to keep this site free of any C-word (careful…) business, because let’s be honest you didn’t click on a food blog to be reminded of the 21st century version of the plague. So we’ll leave all that stuff there and I’ll just sayContinue reading “A Short Stay in Epernay”

Frolics a la Francaise

I have been itching to get back on here; having started a proper, ‘grown-up’ job (scary!), life’s been a bit manic, but a girl’s still got to eat! Before I start again with ‘one-off’ foodie posts, the perfectionist in me wishes to recount my recent foreign soujorns that now seem like a lifetime ago, inContinue reading “Frolics a la Francaise”

My first taste of Croatia

Hello, only me! I have decided to write another travel-inspired post, seeing as this summer I am becoming quite the travel bug, and this time the post is about the wonderful cuisine of Croatia. My boyfriend and I stayed on the Istrian Peninsula, at a beautiful beach resort called Verudela (we stayed in the very modern,Continue reading “My first taste of Croatia”

Greece is the word

                Let’s just completely gloss over the fact that I have been embarrassingly inactive on here for the last couple of months, you all know by now that it was due to the hideousness of final university exams. BUT NOW I am free and with freedom comes the exciting opportunity to get back to tippy-typingContinue reading “Greece is the word”

A really late Rome rambling.

I cannot apologise enough for how long it has taken me to get back on here! What with end-of-term deadlines being annoyingly in the way of  life, I’ve had to postpone what i love to do- apart from eat, I always seem to find time for that. Anyway, now we are here and gathered we canContinue reading “A really late Rome rambling.”

Just Rome’in.

Salvete! Pardon, you say? It means ‘greetings’ in Latin and I have been so inventive as to use it as this post is all about my trip with one of my university courses to the ancient city of Rome. Fear not, however, as I will not bore you with all my archaeological and classical knowledge (unless youContinue reading “Just Rome’in.”

The Swede-ist Thing

Hello one and all. Or should that be ‘hallå’ as the Swedish say, because this entry is all about our wonderful Ikea-inventing, meatball-eating friends (nothing like a good old stereotype to set the tone). Last weekend, my lovely boyfriend (and one of several of my food-enjoying partners) whisked me away on a surprise weekend to StockholmContinue reading “The Swede-ist Thing”