Welcome to my blog! Est. 2015

For those who have found it in their kind hearts to look at my blog- or are simply scrolling through a social media site and had nothing better to do- I thank you. Welcome! I am The Enthusiastic Eater, perhaps not the only one (certainly, considering that URL was taken), but a very passionate one indeed. The fact of the matter is that I love food; in any form, at any time, in any place. Those who know me will vouch for this as I am sure I have bored you all with ramblings on food more than once- and for those who are just joining in now, you have been warned. This blog is a hobby, a project, a passion because writing and discussing food in all its various forms is really my favourite thing to do. This blog will be a semi-casual musing on whatever I come across in my daily life; UK-based restaurants, cafes, bars as well as recipes, articles and anything else I fancy putting my two-penneth into (as it were). I say UK-based restaurants because obviously that will be what I write about usually, but I will also write about any other eateries which I fall in love with (or don’t) in my wider travels. Perhaps this is just a way to express all my appetite-based emotions without losing all my friends, but whatever the reason I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


Stay tuna-d (I can’t apologise enough) and I will be back with more!


P.S If you didn’t get that food pun, you probably didn’t get the one in my URL. No I am not illiterate (although it may transpire that this is the case as I continue with this blog), ‘spy’ is spelt ‘spie’ for pie. I like pie. Perhaps I will include a few food puns each week and you can spot them, who knows? Anything could happen.



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